Check Your Gun Stats originally started due to the lack of visual data pertaining to crimes and the weapons used in those crimes. Most of the crimes on this site relate to violent crimes. In particular robberies, assaults, and murders.

The site aims to present data not just on the national level (macro) but also on the state level (micro).

The need arose when having to consistently bounce between reading the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, state level Uniform Crime Reports, and even other sites such as The Disaster Center and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Furthermore, in most instances that data was only presented to the user in a tabular format. And in some cases (see: pre-2004 FBI UCR) that data is only presented in PDF format.

Check Your Gun Stats aims to aggregate the data across various sites (and file formats) to a central database and present that data to the user in meaningful reports.

Once data is shored up for a particular range of years, gun regulation law dates (and even dates they're repealed) on the federal and state levels will be shown on the appropriate graphs. This functionality is currently in development.

The goal of this site is not to sway users in one direction or the next, but to present data (properly cited) to the user so they can make their own educated opinions. I leave my opinions on my own personal site.